Faculty of Media Organizes a Field Visits to Iraqi Media Network Studios

Department of Radio and Television Journalism at College of Media at Al- Iraqia University organized a field visit for the students of the fourth stage, a scientific visit to the studios of Iraqi Media Network, accompanied by Dr. Manaf Shaker and assistant lecturer Lubna Hassan, as part of the college’s plan for practical training for its students within a series of activities and practical visits that the college holds.

The field visit aims to contribute to the development of applied reality for students and to mix between theoretical study and practical training to enhance their future media capabilities.

The visit included a tour of radio and television studios, including (Al-Iraqiya Radio Studio and Al-Furqan Radio Studio) in addition to the studio of Republic of Iraq, whose visit coincided with a live broadcast of the program (Studio 10 presented by Alaa Mohsen and Amal Al-Mudarris), and through the program they welcomed the students on live a, number of journalistic, media and social questions were asked with them, in addition to the reception of the students by the official of Media and Relations Division at Iraqi Network, Dr. Ali Al-Kateb, who accompanied them on their visit and briefed the students on the studios and the control room (direction) and gave them a detailed explanation of the work of directing team, program presenters and media staff.