Al- Iraqia Faculty of Medicine Discusses (Evaluation of Immune Response of Individuals Vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine in Diyala Governorate)

Faculty of Medicine discussed a thesis Master of postgraduateā€™s student (Abeer Aed Abdel-Amir) from Medical Microbiology Branch her thesis which tagged (Immunological Assessment of COVID-19 Vaccinated Individuals in Diyala Province). The study aimed to:

Verifying the effectiveness of (Pfizer-BioN) Tech vaccine in responding stimulating immune system, especially the immunological parameters involved

Anti-spike S1-RBD IgG

Interleukins-6, 10, 15 and so on

A proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL)

The study concluded that: four months after taking the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the immunological parameters decreased significantly in the serum compared with their levels one month after taking the second dose of the same vaccine

This indicates that the time factor is very important for detecting and following up the body’s immune response after vaccination against the Covid-19 virus which is an important reason to take a booster dose of the vaccine to increase the immune response period.

After listening to: the observations of the discussion committee and the student’s defense of her thesis with scientific evidence and proofs, the thesis was accepted in form and content, and a master’s degree was awarded to the student with an honors grade (A+).

On this occasion, the Deanship of College of Medicine congratulates Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rushdi and researcher Abeer Aed for this scientific achievement and wishes her success in serving the educational process of our dear country.

The discussion committee consisted of: Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul-Amir Karim Lilo / College of Nursing _ Al-Qadisiyah University_ as Chairman

– Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hussein Musharraf / College of Medicinea Al- Iraqia University / Member.

– Assist. Prof. Dr. Haifa Mahmoud Fahd/ College of Medicine,Al- Iraqia University/ Member.

-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rushdi Abdullah / College of Medicine,Al- Iraqia University / Member and Supervisor.

-Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Latif / Faculty of Medicine, University of Diyala / Member and Supervisor.

The discussion was attended by the Dean of Medicine College, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Qaisi, Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nawar Sahib Khalil, Head of Surgery Department, Dr. Mahmoud, and a number of postgraduate students.