An Electronic Workshop Tagged :((Social Intelligence and its Impact on Work Environment))

Under the auspices of  Rector of Al- Iraqia University (Prof. Dr. Ali Salih al-Jubouri) and supervision of Director of Computing and Internet Center (Assistant Professor Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ali), Computing and Internet Center held  the electronic workshop tagged (Social Intelligence and its Impact on the Work Environment Presented by (Assistant Professor Dr. Roua Majed Toamha), a teacher at College of Education for Women.

This course aimed at acquiring the participant skills of a social nature that help him communicate with others positively. Increasing the possibility of success in the work environment and areas of life, improving efficiency of communicate with others, as well as finding effective solutions to various problems in life.

Dr. Roaa Majed defined social intelligence as a skill rich in morals, transactions, and ways of communicating with the other that enable us to expand the circle of social relations in a positive way. It touched on the characteristics of those who possess the skill of social intelligence, including the quality of communication, roles and social rules, understanding motives of the others, as well as controlling impression.

The computer and Internet Center continues to hold educational and scientific workshops and courses in an effort to reach a smart, educated society capable of Giving.