A master’s Thesis on :( Role of Immunological Parameters IL-8, CD14, and HMGB-1 in Burn Patients with Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infections)

College of Medicine at Al- Iraqia University, discussed a master thesis tagged (The role of Prognostic HmGB -I protien, Biomarker CD14 and Proinflammatory Cytokine IL8 in Burn Patients) by  (Farah Wathiq Khairy) took place in branch of  Medical Microbiology at Graduate Studies Hall in the Faculty.

The study aimed to: reveal the percentages of these parameters in burn patients, percentages of their increase from normal rates, mechanisms of their increase due to the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and ways to use them for early detection of infections and the use of better treatments for the recovery of patients.

The study found: a rise in the levels of immunological parameters in the serum of burn patients, in addition to their significant and comparative rise between deceased patients and those who recovered and healthy people.

The study also concluded that: There are significant differences between the study groups.

The study recommends: More research in  immune aspect to reach a solution to increasing and accelerating bacterial resistance against the types of antibiotics used.

After listening to the student’s defense of her thesis with scientific proofs and evidence, and taking into account the observations of the discussion committee, the thesis was accepted in form and content, the student was granted Excellence Grade on her thesis.