College of Engineering Organizes a Scientific Seminar Entitled :(Water Economic)

Under the auspices of Head of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, and supervision of the Dean of College of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Mowaffaq Shia’ Alwan , College of Engineering at the University organized a scientific discussion on water economics participated by number of specialized teachers and researchers delivered by M. Sarah Durgham Jassim, Lecturer in Department of Civil Engineering.

The panel discussion dealt with the management of natural water resources and the global economy, presented problems of the current reality, and the sustainable technological investment solutions available to manage water resources more effectively and efficiently.

The panel discussion aims to stand on the current reality of non-renewable natural resources and develop appropriate solutions to meet the existing challenges. It is noteworthy that the panel discussion is part of the teacher’s participation in the (Water Economics and Water Resources Management) workshop, which was held in Netherlands.