A Master’s Thesis on Discusses Fatih al-Manan in Interpretation of Qur’an by (Qutib al-Din al-Shirazi)




A master’s Thesis Entitled Fatih al-Manan(Interpretation of Qur’an by Qutb Al-Din al-Shirazi  from Ayah 63 of (Surah al-Zumar) to the End of Surah / study and Investigation ).

The thesis presented by) Majid Hameed Muhammad (aimed to contribute in bringing this interpretation into existence for readers and seekers of knowledge to benefit from and to show the practical value of this huge interpretation and to shed a light on one of the Islamic personalities in the science of interpretation who served Book of God (Qur’an) and fulfill a little of their right on us in addition to enriching Islamic Library with the interpretations of distinguished scholars.

The Thesis Contained Two Parts:

*First Part: the academic section contains two Chapters:

The First Chapter: Imam Shirazi’s (personal and scholarly life)

The Second Chapter: Study of Interpretation (verified part of the manuscript)


*Second Part: The Investigated Text