A patent* on (Measuring Precipitation of Municipal Solid Waste in Landfills Using Biomimetics)

College of Engineering / Al-Iraqia University / the rapporteur and teacher at Civil Engineering Department, Dr. Bilal Maysir Muhammad Salih, obtained a patent issued by Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, on (Measuring Precipitation of Municipal Solid Waste in Landfills Using Biomimetics).

The patent aimed to design and implement a model of an integrated multi-cell system consisting of six aerobic and anaerobic cells. Each cell in this system contains a biogas collection and analyzer system, a leachate collection and recirculation system, and a system Thermal control, pressure system and ventilation system. Where, at the same time, through this system, the compressibility and the amount of solid waste decomposition are calculated, the leachate and gases resulting from this process are collected, and these gases and leachate are analyzed.

The main purpose of this system is to study precipitation in all its stages (primary and secondary) and to study the biodegradation of municipal solid waste by increasing the activity of bacteria present in the waste either by temperature control or by aerobic and Anaerobic control) or by controlling nutrients of bacteria (Nutrient control), where the results showed efficiency of the system and its ability to work as a biomimetic landfill for waste with all its systems and tools.