(Prevention of Breast Cancer) A New Seminar

Under the patronage of the Honorable President of the Iraqi University and the supervision of the Honorable Director of the Computer and Internet Center, and in conjunction with the month of challenge for breast cancer, Computer and Internet Center, in cooperation with College of Medicine and the Women Empowerment Unit at Al- Iraqia University, held an electronic symposium tagged (prevention of breast cancer).

The symposium was presented by (Prof. Dr. Israa Taleb Hassan) and (Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Ali Hussein) from College of Medicine at the University. The symposium was held on the platform of (FCC) program and included a detailed explanation of the causes and symptoms leading to this disease. When some breast cells begin to grow in an abnormal way, and then these cells divide more quickly than healthy cells and continue to accumulate and form a lump or tumor, these cells may also move to other places in the body, especially the lymph nodes.

-The seminar concluded the following recommendations:

1 – The necessity of continuous awareness of the seriousness of this disease and the reasons for its spread among women with the aim of early detection and correcting it before it spreads in the body.

2 – The necessity of conducting periodic examinations from time to time, which is one of the most important factors that help in early detection of this type of disease.

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