Tagged Training Course :(Basics of Programming Using Python Programming Language)

Computer and Internet Center evaluates the tagged training course (Basics of Programming Using Python Programming Language).

Under the patronage of the Head of Al- Iraqia University (Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri), and supervision of the Director of Computer and Internet Center (Assist. Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ali), Computer and Internet Center / Technical Training Division held a training course tagged (basics of programming using python programming language) in 23-26/10/2022, with the participation of a number of university employees and those concerned with computer software. The course aimed to identify (python) language as one of multi-purpose programming languages, and the course that delivered by (Assistant Lecturer Ibtihal Shaker Mahmoud) included several topics, including the introduction of the free software language python and what it is characterized as a portable language that works on all platforms and types of computer systems with the same file type and without the need for an Internet service its work even on mobile devices. In addition to what the course included in shedding light on the language installation mechanism and its features, how the python language works, dealing with variables and loops, arithmetic and logical operations and dealing with files, as a multi-purpose interpretive language.

Computer and Internet Center continues to hold workshops and courses to develop the community in general and raise efficiency and skills of the Technical University’s employees in particular.

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