Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zidan, Meets Representatives of (Stirling Schools Foundation), Affiliated with Ishik Schools in Baghdad

Based on the keenness of our university to consolidate the frameworks of joint cooperation with local organizations, institutions and centers regarding the activities and programs of Division of Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up, and to serve our university students and graduates, Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Khamis Awwad Zidan,meet the representatives of (Stirling Schools Foundation) affiliated with Ishik schools in Baghdad, Mr. Cardos Jamal, Director of Public Relations, Mr. Haider Hassan Khudair, Assistant Director of Public Relations, and Mr. Osama Mustafa, Responsible for Ishik Academy(Teachers Academy) , in 10/18/2022. The meeting was attended by the Rehabilitation Division official, Recruitment and Follow-up at the university the Lecturer Adwaa Sabah Shukr and the head of data unit, Mrs. Rawa Khalil Ibrahim. The two parties discussed renewal of the previously concluded joint cooperation, paragraphs of which emphasized the provision of training and job opportunities for students and graduates of our university.

The representatives of the Foundation presented their new training program for training and qualifying students and graduates of faculties of education with the aim of preparing them to be competent teachers, successful educators and effective guides capable of teaching all sciences in English language, and then choosing the most suitable of them to work in their schools.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed to set a date for another meeting to discuss details of the training program, after which the implementation of the program would begin.