Congratulation on The Occasion of The New Academic Year

In the Name of Merciful God

My sons daughters, students of Al- Iraqia University

With the start of the new school year, I present to you my sincere congratulations and best wishes that your new year will be a year full of activity and vitality, and that it will end with the highest grades. May your studies be fruitful, successful and full of happy memories.

Iraq’s youth

Promising I recommend you to be serious and committed to receiving lessons and educational attainment…. Take advantage of your time devoted to study or student activity. Student activities in all their cultural, sports, artistic and social diversity refine the student’s experiences, expand his awareness, develop spirit of innovation and creativity, and provide him with opportunities to interact with others inside and outside the university.

Before being a place for learning, the university is a place for educating minds, cultivating souls, and building a positive personality… I hope that you will use your years of university studies in deepening dialogue and bonds of friendship and fruitful cooperation with your colleagues and professors on all academic and social topics.

Dear sons. You are the hope of future and the spirit of the present. You are the future generation of our beloved Iraq.

You are the ones who bear responsibility of the hard work that advances the country and contributes to its advancement and development. Always and forever, you are required to walk the path because you will carry the torches of enlightenment and the banners of construction so that we can all serve our beloved Iraq.

With all love

Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein

Head of Al- Iraqia University