E-Learning Competencies Available to Teachers of Holy Qur’an and Islamic Education: A New Master’s Thesis

College of Education for Girls at Al- Iraqia University discussed a master’s thesis on e-learning competencies available to teachers of Noble Qur’an and Islamic Education for the secondary stage from their point of view.

The message presented by the student (Nisreen Muhammad Hussein) aims to identify the availability of e-learning competencies for teachers of Holy Qur’an and Islamic education for secondary stage from their point of view for academic year. The thesis included an introduction and five chapters, in which the researcher dealt with the definition of research and e-learning, competencies of the teacher in it, research methodology and procedures, as well as the conclusions, recommendations and suggestions.

At the end of the thesis, the researcher recommended provision of an integrated infrastructure of physical equipment and specialized trainers to train male and female teachers in the field of e-learning, and the establishment of training and educational courses by Iraqi Ministry of Education dedicated to teachers of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic education in e-learning field.