Al- Iraqia University Council Holds its First Session for Academic Year 2022/2023

Al-Iraqia University Council held its first session for the new academic year 2022/2023, headed by Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, with presence of all council members to discuss the council’s agenda.

The council began with the Rector of the University’s presentation of the directives of His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which included preparing for the new academic year, and emphasizing dates for starting the first semester for students of all stages.

The members of the Council also discussed the listed issues, including discussion of scientific promotions for a number of university teachers to move to the rank of professor , granting a second extension to some graduate students, and discussing reducing admission rates to a number of departments in colleges that have not completed the admission plan to them, as well as discussing the minutes of Central Scientific Committee related to preparing and approving proposals for depositing and increasing scientific research.

The University Council also hosted Professor Dr. Ghazi from College of Education, and honored him with an appreciation letter and a university shield grant on the occasion of his being awarded the title of Experienced Professor.