Al-Iraqiya University Sponsors an International Scientific Week for (ARID) Platform

Al- Iraqia University sponsored the Scientific Week (Scientific Research Week in the Age of Digital Transformation), which was held by ARID Scientific Platform for Arabic Speakers from 24-29 August 2022, in cooperation and sponsorship of more than 60 universities and scientific institutions partnering with the platform.

Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, Head of the University, participated in an opening speech in the opening of scientific week, with participation of Heads of Arab Universities: Rector of Jadara University in Jordan, Rector of Islamic University in Gaza, and the Director of University of Noble Qur’an in Republic of Sudan.

Professor Dr. Hana Mahmoud Al-Janabi, a lecturer at College of Arts at Al- Iraqia University/manager of Education System in the platform mentioned, that this week is one of the most important scientific weeks held by the platform due to the diversity of lectures between scientific lectures and training workshops that aims to present the basics of scientific research industry, prepare its tools, acquire its skills and ethics, and learn about rules of global publishing.

The scientific week targets graduate students, junior researchers, students of research projects, and all professors and academics.

It is worth noting that sponsoring this scientific week is the second scientific activity sponsored and supported by Al- Iraqia University after the 11th  Scientific Conference of Modern Trends in Humanities of the platform held in Istanbul – Turkey from 20-21/8/2022, which confirms the University’s keenness to encourage the development of scientific research and supporting  global outreach.


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