The Central Committee for Preparation Proposals to Consolidate Scientific Research Holds its First Meeting

Central Committee met to prepare proposals to consolidate and increase scientific research, headed by Assistant Rector of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadhala Musa, in presence of the members, each of Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Hussein Dakhil, and Dean of College of Engineering, Prof. Muwaffaq Shiaa Alwan, Director of Legal Affairs Department, and Dr. Louay Karim Abdel, Director of Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance, Asst.Prof. Dr. Farqad Talib Najim.

The committee reviewed the mechanism of scientific promotions, approving research published in international accounts and private scientific publishing, and discussing problems and obstacles on the website.

The committee also discussed urging researchers to publish research in international journals within the international containers (Clarvet and Scopus), by allocating funds to support participation in international conferences.

The committee discussed also mechanism of private publication for postgraduate students in the faculties of the university during their studies, and the adoption of (Google scholar) platforms, Research gate, ORCID, publons, to raise researches, and install the name of Al- Iraqia University, and the possibility of linking e-mail with Google to increase the storage space.

The committee agreed to submit these proposals to the University Council for presentation, approval, and implementation, starting from the beginning of academic year.


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