Al- Iraqia University Begins the First Steps to Implement Digital Transformation

In implementation of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research directives and  starting  the process of digital transformation of Al-Iraqia Universities and under the patronage of Assistant Rector of the University for Administrative Affairs (Professor Dr. Hassan Fadhala Al-Tamimi , Under the guidance and supervision of the Director of the Computer and Internet Center (Assistant Professor Dr. Mushtaq Ali Ahmed) starting the first steps of networking for departments of Al- Iraqia University began, which Computer and Internet Center took upon itself to implement through a proactive vision in line with global developments of digital transformation, started with Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs by linking the department director with the network that links with the divisions and units through multimedia to transfer data and information.

The Maintenance and Networks Division, represented by the Division head, M. The chief programmer, Muhammad Tariq Ahmed, and the maintenance committee (Eng. Suha Qutaiba Daoud and Eng. Saif Natiq Jawad) started filling data for a period of two weeks to configure computers and maintain them in terms of software, update them, and download all modern programs to be configured  as part of the digital transformation process, then set up a course Training for the department staff on how to submit files to the department manager and receive them among the department’s employee.

The process of digital transformation will be implemented in the near future for the rest of departments with Presidency of the University. Computer and Internet Center is keen to provide the best technical, technological and scientific services to the university and all its formations.



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