Computer and Internet Center Holds Electronic Training Course (Basics of Effective Leadership).

Under the Patronage of  Rector of Al- Iraqia University and supervision of Director of Computer and Internet Center, the Technical Training Division at the Center held electronic training course tagged ((Essentials of Effective Leadership)) on Sunday 07/31/2022 through  FCC program, which was presented by (A. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fadel Hamoudi and Prof. Dr. Roaa Majid Tohma).

The course aims to build the trainee’s personality and work on self-building effectively and distinctly. Dr. Mohamed Fadel explained that leadership skills are mostly acquired skills that have been learned through personal situations and experiences.

The themes of course, which were explained by Dr. Roaa Majed, included the importance of having a leader, the most important qualities of a successful leader, the leader’s positive personality, the importance of the role of positive expressions, the ability to solve problems, the importance of passion in the leadership process, and the difference between a leader and a manager. At the end of the course, trainee acquired all mentioned skills.

The ability to manage and lead, effective communication skills, self-reliance while performing a job, in addition to facing and solving problems.The course was attended by a number of members of Iraqi Universities from various governorates in the country.

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