Awareness Training Course in (Cholera Prevention)

Computer and Internet Center is keen to confront the spread of cholera epidemic and other fevers that have spread recently, which have become a threat to the lives of society, Under the patronage of the Head of the University and supervised by  Director of the Computer and Internet Center, the Center held an awareness training course tagged “Cholera Prevention” in  7/26/2022.During this training course, which was presented by the lecturer (M. Eng. Ayat Majid Zaidan), the participants were given information about cholera and how to treat it to reduce deaths, and how to control infection in hospitals and reduce spread of the disease and protect community from the risk of contracting the diseases especially after registration of a number of cholera cases and number of deaths.

The lecture witnessed a great response and interaction by the trainees, who coordinated and participated in serious interaction. The course was ended by distributing Director of the Center (Assistant Professor Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ali) certificates of thanks and appreciation to the lecturer and participants.

Computer and Internet Center continues to establish awareness and educational activities and its continuous support to serve society, whether in the scientific, educational or health aspects.

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