Activities and Events of Maintenance and Networks Division and in Cooperation with Internet Service Committee at the University.


Computer and Internet Center is keen to follow up on various services as a part of its tasks in order to ensure the sustainability of work for all university formations. Maintenance and Network Division conducted a comprehensive field survey of university formations in order to identify poor internet service problems.

It turns out that the main problem is in the lifetime of distributed routers for the service, as well as consumption of batteries used in electrical inverters for Internet towers.

In turn, the Internet Committee, in cooperation with the other division, negotiated with the company (Nas Iraq), which provides Internet service, to support the university by providing all devices described above to spare the university any financial consequences while we have financial problem on one hand, and on the other we continue to provide internet service for the continuity of the work of all university formations.

Indeed, Nass Iraq Company was approached and met with the representative of company, Mr. Hussam, to provide the university with logistical and technical support, and provide  (10) Linksys-n900 routers and a 12-volt-100 amp battery, (free of charge).

In addition to contacting Nass Iraq / Technical Support and with personal follow-up from the head of Internet Committee and the Maintenance and Networks Division official, to install (7) router in Human Resources Department, Legal Affairs Department, Office of Scientific Assistant and Calculator Center and Internet center, with the processing of a battery reflecting the Internet tower in Al- Waziriyah Complex.

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