Rector of the University Receives Shield of Free International Press

Free International Press honored Head of the university, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, with the foundation’s shield and awarded him a necklace that represent and gathering pioneering Iraqi journalists and media professionals.

The first advisor for Presidency of Free International Press and head of the pioneering journalists and media association, Mr. Mohsen Al-Moussawi, said that this celebration and honor came in appreciation of the educational, scientific and humanitarian achievements that were represented by the university Rector and his uniqueness in leading the questionnaires and surveys that showed Al-Jubouri as one of the ten best Iraqi scientific figures, who achieved many during his tenure among academic and research achievements, as well as the reflection of these achievements on scientific level of the students of Al- Iraqia University, and advancement of the reality of education as an example to follow in rejecting sectarianism that make the university a scientific and academic edifice for all Iraqis.

For his part, Rector of the University expressed his happiness and pride in this remembrance and appreciation, praising the efforts of all those in charge as soldiers of vital positive energy, and considering this honor as a scientific and moral trust to bring Iraq and our students to the ranks of developed countries.

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