Assistant Rector of the University Meets Follow-up Staff Department at the University Presidency

Assistant Rector of the University for administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadala Musa Al-Tamimi, held a meeting with the director of follow-up department and follow-up officials in faculties of the University.

During the meeting, directives of His Excellency Minister of Higher Education regarding activating the regular morning and evening visits to the university’s buildings and facilities on a daily basis, in addition to holidays, were discussed.

Al-Tamimi stressed on the commitment to duties and specific points, maintenance of cameras and communications equipment, submission of the daily report documented with pictures, and guidance of officials of the college units at the university in accordance with the duties assigned to them.

Al-Tamimi directed to tighten procedures in the external inquiries to enter the faculties of the university and to provide a safe environment for performance of the final exams.


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