A Workshop on Software System (Scientific Output System).

Under the patronage of the Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, , and supervision of the Director of Computer and Internet Center, Assistant Professor Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ali, Computer and Internet Center / Systems and Software Division, in cooperation with Department of Scientific Affairs, held a workshop on software system (Scientific Products System)  in 24/5/2022.

The workshop lecture (Senior Programmers Neamat Ahmed Abbas) detailed goal of the system, which is to create a solid database of scientific titles and scientific products submitted by them, which include (research and patents).

Many officials of Scientific divisions in the faculties participated, as well as officials of scientific department, and a large number of employees in the departments of Presidency of the University, knowing that this workshop and all previous workshops and seminars courses fall within the process of Digital Transformation of the University, Computer and Internet Center will remain an organizer and sponsor for all workshops, seminars, lectures and courses Which it established or established in cooperation with it, which concern all topics and disciplines that make the process of digital transformation the best way for our University.

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