Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri Receives a Delegation from (Tishik) International University and Schools

Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh. Al-Jubouri, received a delegation from Check International University and Schools, in presence of Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zidan, in his private office.

The delegation carried an invitation to the presidency of Al- Iraqia University to participate in the scientific conference for fields of education, which was held in Erbil, in person and electronically for the humanities and educational sciences.

The delegation called for participation of the University in research and joint working papers between teachers and students, aiming at imparting educational knowledge to students and working on training students during summer vacation period, in schools and institutes of Check International University, as well as finding realistic solutions to school problems and giving a realistic vision to address these problems.

It also included the invitation to hold many joint events such as festivals, workshops and seminars and organize them.

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