Al- Iraqia University Holds a Symposium on Cyber and Societal Security

Under the patronage of Head of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Ali Saleh Hussein, and in implementation of the commandments of National Program for Security Awareness, Computer and Internet Center, in cooperation with College of Education for women and the Department of Security Permits at the University, held a scientific symposium entitled Cyber ​​Security and Community Security, on Thursday 4/14/2022.

The seminar, which was moderated by Director of Security Permits Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Nehme Rasan, aimed to educate citizens about security gaps and avoid falling into them, as well as explaining the necessary security steps to keep personal accounts safe.

The seminar was moderated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nehme, Director of Security Permits Department, explained the importance of cyber security and the need to introduce it and hold seminars and workshops that spread security awareness. The seminar, which was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Dalal Abdel Mohsen Hammoud, lecturer at Central Technical University, included an explanation of definition of information security and cyber security, the main motives for protecting computers, as well as definitions related to computer security, its objectives and the steps to be followed to reach the security goals, and clarification of the most prominent mechanisms in Spreading a culture of security among users, physical protection, encryption techniques, access control methods, and security models.

Lecturer teacher, Ibtihal Shaker Mahmoud, presented second axis of the symposium, explaining cyber security and methods of protecting accounts on communication sites and retrieving them when hacked, and the importance of the individual’s behavior in using Internet to reduce the vulnerability of accounts to penetration.


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