Iftar Banquet for Male and Female Students of Dorms

Under the patronage of Head of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri, Al Iraqia University held a large Iftar banquet for Dorm’s students in the college complex in Sabaa Abkar and Ministerial complex for female students, as well as giving food baskets for students.

The deans of the University’s ten faculties and the administration of Dorms Departments of Al- Iraqia University participated in grand banquet, in presence of director of Police Station in Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General “Galeb Al-Attiyah” and Lieutenant-Colonel Aziz Tariq, and a number of the center’s officers. This campaign came from University Presidency to care of its students in the holy month of Ramadan.

Director of Dorms Departments, Dr. Hudhayfa Dia Daoud, said, “The department’s administration has always doubled its efforts throughout the year and in holy month, especially to provide a transparent cooperative environment that guarantees its students all the necessary requirements and to impart a positive mutual feeling between the university and its residents for male and female students.


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