Assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs Participates in a Meeting to Develop Postgraduate Studies for Cybersecurity Technology

Under the auspices of the Office of Prime Minister and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the meeting was held to create postgraduate studies (a one-year professional higher diploma, and a two-year higher professional diploma equivalent to a master’s in cybersecurity technology at (Baghdad, Technology, and Mosul) universities for employees and non-employees for current academic year 2022-2023, with the participation of ((Assistant Rector of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadala Al-Tamimi)), and presence of a number of Heads and Assistants of Iraqi Universities and the American University of Baghdad.

Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hakim, said during the meeting that the project to develop postgraduate studies in cybersecurity technology is receiving attention and approval of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, stressing that announcement of the development of this important specialization in Iraqi universities comes as a continuation of the great efforts in cooperation with Ministry of Education, National Intelligence Service and a number of competent authorities, in announcing the National Cybersecurity Strategy as a part of it.

For his part, Undersecretary of Ministry of Education for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Yassin Al-Ithawi, affirmed the readiness of Iraqi Ministry and Universities to open postgraduate studies in cybersecurity, as Ministry of Higher Education is a service ministry concerned with education in general and the development of the scientific level of the ministries’ employees, noting that such important initiatives seek to develop the capabilities of the state’s cadres. To face cybersecurity incidents and secure protection for citizens, companies, banks and the state in general.

During the meeting, Dr. Yassin Al-Ithawi reviewed the procedures for creating a project for postgraduate programs, a one-year high diploma and a two-year master’s degree, in (Baghdad, Technology, and Mosul) universities for employees and non-employees for the current academic year 2022-2023.

The meeting concluded with several recommendations, most notably: the development of postgraduate programs (a one-year professional higher diploma and a two-year professional diploma equivalent to a master’s in cybersecurity technology) under the supervision of Prime Minister’s Office and in cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Iraqi universities, for specializations: (computer science, technological engineering) Information, computer systems engineering, computer technology engineering, electronic technology engineering, communications technology engineering, information systems engineering and computer information systems, computer and software engineering, electronics and communications engineering, artificial intelligence, control and systems engineering, communications networks engineering / computer networks),Granting scientific certificates in the department’s specialization  or in one of its branches based on Article (Twenty-seventh / Paragraph (1) of Graduate Studies Instructions.

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