The First Women’s Cultural Forum of International Women’s Day.

Under the patronage of the Head of Al- Iraqia University (Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri), supervision and presence of Director of Computer and Internet Center, the first Women’s Cultural Forum was held in cooperation with the Women Empowerment Unit at the University on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Tuesday, March 8, 2022. The forum was attended by a large number of members of Al- Iraqia University in Al-Waziriya complex and female faculty members, technicians and administrators.

The forum was opened with a speech by Director of Computer and Internet Center (Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Ali), in which he emphasized the role of women in society and the great message that they make in their active participation with men to build both society and the state, as well as their advanced contributions to support Society has many innovations. Wishing all university women and all women in our country further progress and success.

The Forum included a scientific lecture entitled (Women’s Rights) presented by lecturer (Mrs. Russell Faisal Dalloul), a teacher in College of Law and Political Science, in which she spoke about women’s rights, the right of custody and laws legislating for women’s issues.

After that, the teaching professor at College of Education for Women, Prof. Dr. Roaa Majid Tohme, presented a lecture entitled (Women’s Social Empowerment between Sharia and Civilization), in which she reviewed the distinguished women who had a knowledge and scientific imprint and a high position in the bright history of Iraq. Asst. Dr. Mahasin Muhammad Abdul Majeed, a lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, gave a lecture entitled (Women’s Health), in which she talked about women, Corona pandemic and the harmful effects of smoking for women, in addition to diseases that affect women such as breast and cervical cancer and how to prevent them.

Then there was a segment of recreational and cultural competitions, where women were divided into two groups competing to answer questions in an atmosphere of familiarity and cooperation.



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