Central Librarian Participates in a Symposium on Prospects for Cooperation Between Information Institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Secretary of Central Library, Dr. Bushra Khaled Muhammad, participated in a symposium on prospects for cooperation between information institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, in the presence of the Iraqi ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Janabi, and a group of specialists in information science, libraries and documentation from the two countries.

The symposium dealt with the work of Unified Arab Catalog, the contribution of Iraqi libraries to Arab culture and heritage, in addition to the importance of cooperation and mutual visits between Saudi Arabia and Iraq to deepen scientific and cultural relations and benefit from university theses, and exchange them between researchers and those interested, student exchange, and visiting professors.

The symposium also stressed importance of cooperation between the two countries, and the enhancement of means of knowledge and cultural communication due to the rich history and civilization of the two countries, as well as cooperation in the field of exchanging experiences and scientific and cultural visits between the two sides.

The visit included a number of educational and academic institutions and university libraries to get acquainted with the findings of Saudi academic, public and national libraries to reach a mechanism of scientific and technical cooperation agreement.