Al- Iraqia University Holds a Symposium on (Prevention of Corona Virus and its Modifications)

Under the patronage of Head of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, Computer and Internet Center, in cooperation with College of Medicine, held an electronic scientific symposium entitled (Prevention of Corona virus and its metaphors) in presence of Director of Computer and Internet, Dr.Mushtaq Ahmed Al-Aali, from students and teaching from Iraqi Universities.

The symposium defended three themes presented by Prof. Ikhlas Ali Hussein – Head of Physiology Branch, and Eng. Dr. Mahasin Muhammad Abdul-Majid – rapporteur of Physiology branch, and Dr. Maysa Nihad Ibrahim – Head of Pediatrics Branch, through direct transmission of the virus by droplets from the patient during coughing or sneezing, indirect contact, such as touching the mouth or nose or washing hands, contaminated surfaces and crowded places.

The second axis was on infection of pregnant women, prevention of the virus, and the importance of vaccine for nursing mother.

The third axis included infection of children with the virus and presented pictures of the correct and necessary prevention methods to be followed to prevent infection with virus.

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