Presidency of the University Honors a Student of College of Engineering for his Creative Output

Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, honored Eng. Ismail Laith Fahmy, one of the graduates of Faculty of Engineering, Department of Networks, for obtaining advanced positions in Huawei Seeds for the Future Competition.

Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri praised the engineer’s efforts after competing with more than 3000 contestants from all countries of the world, praising energies and creative minds of Al- Iraqia University students, and the ideas that keep pace with technological and technical development in the field of networks and communications.

For his part, Eng. Ismail Laith expressed his thanks and gratitude to the presidency of Al- Iraqia University and its pioneering role in embracing the scientific and research competencies of the University students during and after their graduation.

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