Psychological Counseling Division Holds a Lecture on Socialization and Extremism

Psychological and Educational Guidance Division at the University Presidency held an educational lecture on socialization and extremism. The lecture, which was presented by Dr. Azhar Mohsen Shadhir and Dr. Huda Fadel Hussein, lecturer at Faculty of Arts, aimed to clarify the role of socialization in building individual and society, as well as the impact of extremism and its repercussions in the dismantling of society.

The lecture included a discussion of the concept of social upbringing, which depends on education, learning and teaching, and impact of the great changes that have occurred in societies in life, their reflection on behavior of the individual and society, discussing the concept of extremism, according to system of values ​​prevailing in each society, and clarifying the concept of moderation and  statement of the relationship with the environmental, civilizational, cultural, religious and political changes that society is going through.

The lecture also dealt with relationship of young with extremism, as the most vulnerable groups of society to extremism in behavior, given age and psychological characteristics of youth stage.


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