Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs Inspects Examination Halls for Postgraduate Students

Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zaidan, and his accompanying delegation inspected the examination process progress for graduate students for master’s stage of the two departments of media and public relations, and was accompanied by Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Eithar Tariq Al-Obaidi, his scientific and administrative assistants, and a number of professors in the college.

During his tour in practical departments in the college, he inquired about the nature of exam questions and their conformity with standards approved by the university in line with ministerial regulations and instructions, and the arrangement of halls and student seating places according to the scheme set by Deanship of the College, wishing at the same time success for all our dear students continuing their scientific career and being distinguished.

Dr. Khamis Zidan praised the efforts made by Dean of the College and its teaching and administrative staff in adhering to the strict health and preventive measures through fumigating the halls with sterile materials, applying the state of distancing inside the exam halls, and providing the best atmosphere for students to perform exams and ensure successful conduct of the exam process.

In addition, Dean of the College,  Dr. Eithar  Al-Obaidi, confirmed that Deanship of the College has prepared all the necessary requirements for the success of the exam process, in accordance with the instructions and controls approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding the readiness and accuracy of questions and logistical preparations in terms of preparing the exam halls and exempting them, taking into account the directives of Committee Health and safety, which includes social distancing and wearing masks for safety , to ensure the conduct of the exam in accordance with the recognized academic contexts, wishing all our dear students health and safety success and success.

For their part, the students expressed their satisfaction with the procedures and preparations taken by the Dean of the College by providing the appropriate atmosphere for the exam, as well as providing all their needs inside the exam halls.



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