The speech of Rector of the University on the occasion of Victory Day

In the name Merciful God

” In my name and on behalf of the members of Al- Iraqia University, teachers, staff and students, I extend my congratulations and blessings to great Iraqi people on the occasion of liberation anniversary of Iraq from the forces of evil and darkness on tenth of December of each year.

That dear occasion, which bore profound indications of the courage of Mesopotamia sons and the armed forces of all kinds, in their defense and standing against an enemy that hates life, peace and a comfortable life.

Iraq, as usual writes the glorious history and adds a book of immortal heroics in memory of the great victory day over the criminal gangs of ISIS with efforts of our armed forces, including army and police, and heroes of the popular mobilization who participated in the war on terrorism.

This victory, which became an honor on the hearts of our great Iraqi people heroes, is due to God Almighty and to the sacrifices made by righteous martyrs… with their pure souls and blood that brought down the dark schemes planned by ISIS with its brutal terrorism, thinking that it had desecrated the pure land of Iraq.

I extend my thanks, gratitude to all men who spared their lives and sacrificed their lives to keep Iraq’s Flag brightening, lofty, fearful, and rebellious against every brutal aggressor. Glory, eternity, and the highest ranks for our righteous martyrs who gave their lives so that our homeland would remain free, proud”.


Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri

University’s Head





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