Presidency of Al- Iraqia University in an Inspection Visit to (Sabaa Abkar) Complex

Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubori, and his Administrative Assistant, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadala Al-Tamimi, visited the new University Council building, and headquarters of  Central Library in Colleges Complex in Sabaa Abkar.

Dr. Ali Al-Jubori was briefed on the preparations of Engineering Authority executing on the works, standing on the most prominent needs, work completion percentages, and providing all requirements for opening of buildings in preparation for the new academic year.

Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi praised the efforts made by the university departments and concerted efforts to complete work according to the specified times, as well as cooperation of deans of the faculties in showing a bright image of Al-Iraqia University.