Preparations for Opening of Central Library in Sabaa Abkar Complex

Within  the preparations of Presidency of Al- Iraqia University to complete the building of Central Library, that  directly supervised by Head  of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein and his Administrative Assistant, Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, General Secretariat of Central Library is preparing to open the library to receive  researchers and students in the college complex in Sabaa Abkar.

Dr. Ali Saleh said that preparations are still underway to open  the central library, and that this opening came with efforts and coordination with various departments of the university, and keenness of its employees to complete it to serve research and learning, and let us all advance in acquiring knowledge to move forward in a continuous competitive race to reach more Success and progress in the scientific march.

The director of Central Teaching Library, Dr. Bushra Khaled, expressed her happiness about the Library imminent opening  in light of the health conditions that prevented its opening, indicating that the library will include a number of books, references, research, publications, scientific journals and various specializations, as well as a large number of master’s theses, doctoral theses and E- books.