Safety Measures Committee of Al- Iraqia University on a Field Visit

In implementation of directives of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, under direct supervision of President of the University Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri; Assistant President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadhala Al-Tamimi, and a number of department directors at the university made an inspection visit to the Colleges Complex in Adhamiya and Sabaa Abkar Complex on Friday 21/5 .

The visit included reviewing the reality of university colleges in reducing fire accidents and electrical contact, following up on safety and security measures, preparations for all university faculties and joints in revealing the safe measures taken by the colleges in avoiding fire and electrical contact accidents, as well as following up on devices and equipment related to early warning and devices. Fire sensors and fire extinguishing supplies.

Mr. Assistant emphasized his field periodic repetition visits to ensure that all safety- measures are met and prepared for emergencies.

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