Al- Iraqia University Enters RUR World Ranking

Al- Iraqia University entered Russian Ranking of Universities RUR, the university was able to reach advanced centers nationally and internationally in this classification ranked 10 locally on Iraqi public and private universities, and ranked 722 globally.

The RUR classification is one of the leading classifications and is organized by prestigious scientific institutions and agencies, as Clarfit Foundation, which is specialized in the database of universities and academic journals.

The Russian ranking is based on accurate criteria in evaluating universities, as it evaluates effectiveness of universities into 20 indicators distributed on 4 main areas, namely education or research, international diversity and financial sustainability.

It is worth noting that Presidency of Al- Iraqia University and its formations always seek to build and support bridges of academic communication internally and externally, build effective partnerships with community institutions, raise the level of scientific research and enhance applied research to obtain advanced ranks in national, Arab and international classifications.


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