“A Symposium on the Importance of Covid-19 Vaccine and its Types”

Department of Media and Public Relations at Al- Iraqia University, in cooperation with Baghdad Health / Rusafa, held a scientific symposium on the importance of vaccination, types of vaccines used against the Corona Pandemic with its two new mutated classes, in presence of Assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadala Musa Al-Tamimi, and a number of university affiliates in Al-Kindi Hall at College Medicine

The lecture, given by Director of Communicable Diseases Center in Rusafa Health, Dr. Nazeer Hammoud Al-Asadi, aimed to explain the benefits of vaccines, their types and their role in reducing infection rates, reducing the number of deaths, immunizing society and increasing immunity.

The lecture explaining types of vaccines used in Iraq and world for Covid19 disease and a statement of their effects, warnings, timing, and results, pointing out that “it is possible to vaccinate with any of the available vaccines and it is not necessary to focus on one vaccine without another, all of them are safe, knowing that whoever receives the first dose of vaccine has ensured that he will receive the second dose, according to the type and duration of vaccine.

Al-Asadi also stated, “Iraq is doing all its effort to limit the spread of Corona epidemic by applying measures of ban, quarantine, health safety, stressing social distancing, wearing masks and sterilizers, as well as securing and taking vaccination doses to limit the spread of the epidemic and ensure the achievement of herd immunity, through Health  care center allocated and distributed throughout all Iraq”.

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