University Rector and Administrative Assistant on an Inspection Visit


As part of his follow-up of colleges and University’s departments performance and services, Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri and Assistant Rector of the university for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, inspected faculties building in Adhamiya and its service departments to and follow up the progress of work and follow up scientific lectures and faculties achievements to upgrade scientific level. The visit included holding meetings with deans of faculties and service departments at the university, reviewing the latest achievements in work and maintenance, and emphasizing the provision of the necessary and appropriate atmosphere to serve students.

Dr. Ali Al-Jubouri, praised the high organizational level of Colleges Deanship and taking care of its students, and directed to support colleges to upgrade the scientific and educational level to serve scientific process and provide all the necessary and service supplies for students ,emphasizing on overcoming all difficulties and continuing to provide the necessary supplies that help students pass this stage in light of the spread of new Corona virus, wishing the students success to keep serving the message of science and medicine in our country.

Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, valued at end of the visit, efforts of the deans and their scientific, administrative and teaching assistants and heads of service departments at the university for their tireless work to raise the scientific and service level at the university in order to ensure a prominent position for Al- Iraqia University among its peers in Iraq and world, seeking to achieve the best levels and success to reach advanced ranks and classifications.

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