Recent Developments in Higher Education in Light of E-learning: a New Scientific Conference

In cooperation with University of Duhok, Al- Iraqia University, organized the second joint fourth international scientific conference on recent developments in higher education in light of electronic education, with participation of number of teachers, researchers and specialists from various Iraqi and Arab Universities.

The conference included more than 145 research papers, which were divided into several axes, including Islamic education and challenges of time, developments in physical education research and sports science, contemporary studies in physics, chemistry and biology, scientific research and the needs of society, as well as historical and geographical research in serving development and planning.

The conference aims to identify the most prominent scientific efforts within the human, social and educational sciences, exchange experiences and knowledge among researchers from different parts of the world, as well as build bridges that strengthen the relationship between various scientific disciplines and establish a knowledge network in these scientific fields.

Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, Rector of Al- Iraqia University, during his speech at opening of the conference, stressed that one of the tasks of scientific conference is to support scientific and educational process through the contribution of this research to advancement of higher education and development of its outputs in the service of society.

Al-Jubouri also added that the conference constitutes a qualitative leap, pointing to the university’s keenness to enhance communication with other in friendly universities and other universities in all Arab countries in order to enrich its experience and bring it to advanced stages by benefiting from the expertise of the Arab, local and international universities in research field and community issues and needs, which enhances scientific and cognitive communication between those interested in scientific research and its topics.


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