Al- Iraqia University: First Short Film Festival


Under the patronage of the Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Al-Jubouri , Department of Media and Public Relations for announces organizing and  establishment of its first short films festival, in cooperation with # University Relations and Communication Unit – Department of Follow-up at the University to highlight and marketing their achievements on a large scale in various media institutions.

Conditions for participation are:

*A non-graduate student or about to graduate within all the faculties of Al-Iraqia University,  topics of participation shall have meaningful cultural, social and educational contents , display time does not exceed 5 minutes and not less than one minute, and there will be # prizes for the best three films.

# For those who wish to participate, attend # on Wednesday 9/12/2020, morning (10 o’clock) to Media Department at University Presidency.

Asst. Teacher Falah Delphi/ Director of Department of Media and Public Relations Al- Iraqia University

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