Al- Iraqia University Appoints its Top Students to Faculties


Professor Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, Assistant Rector of Al-Iraqia University for Administrative Affairs announced  appointment of Top Students to Faculties of Al- Iraqia University according to the ministerial order issued by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, our university order to appoint them to their faculties with other  university graduates and staff , and they have been appointed to the colleges, centers and departments of the university.

Dr. Al-Tamimi stressed that university is striving to obtain functional degrees and employ  all other contracted employees and lecturers ,and confirm this  in addition to appointing holders of higher degrees to meet all the university’s needs in terms of scientific and humanitarian specializations. Al-Tamimi added, “We congratulate our university top students graduates who covered by issuance of the order for their appointment, and we wish them success in their scientific and practical path.”

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