Dr. Ali Saleh Hassan Al-Jubouri, Honors Officials and Employees of Media Units


Rector of Al- Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hassan Al-Jubouri, honored officials and employees of divisions and media units of distinguished colleges for the year 2020.

The honoring included three axes set by Evaluation Committee in  Media and Public Relations Department at the Presidency of the University in accordance with appropriate press standards and conditions for university media, so the first axis was according to the best editing on the university’s website and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. the second axis on the number of scientific activities at the university, while the third axis was for the best distinguished university press photo for 2020.

Dr. Ali Al Jubori honored faculties of the university in  first axis among the best university editing in the first place for College of Media, at a rate of 100%, followed by College of Islamic Sciences in the second place with a rate of 70%, then College of Education came in the third place with a rate of 50%. The highest number of scientific activities at university level, first place, College of Arts, by 100%, and followed by the second place, College of Education, for Girls, at a rate of 70%.

Third axis was the best distinguished press image for the year 2020, first place is College of Dentistry, with a rate of 100%, followed by College of Engineering with a rate of 70%, then College of Administration and Economics, with a rate of 50%, in the third place. That all came as an appreciation of their efforts and support to continue Work and improving educational process services.

The Rector of University stressed on the influence and role of media in all fields of university as a backbone of University and the Ministry In highlighting the scientific and cultural aspects of the university, indicating his appreciation for all media efforts made by  Media and Public Relations Department and the Faculties Media Units and Division in order to deliver media message to the university at all local, Arab and international levels.

For his part, Assistant Lecturer Falah Taher Al-Delphi Director of  Media and Public Relations Department, valued efforts made by units and divisions  of Media of all faculties for their permanent interaction and  distinction in this critical time under  Corona pandemic, and thanked  all distinguished employers  for this achievement wishing them  further progress and success to provide the best services to the University and our dear Iraq.


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