Al-Iraqia University Signs a Scientific Cooperation Agreement

Al- Iraqia University held a scientific and academic cooperation agreement with College of Almaarif Al Gamiaa University in a step to  strengthening cooperation ties between the two universities at the headquarters of Al-Iraqia  University. The  meeting was  attended by the Rector of the  University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein Al-Jubouri, Prof. Dr. Yaqoub Nazim Ahmed, Dean of (College of Almaarif Al Gamiaa University), and the Assistants of Rector  of Al- Iraqia University for both Scientific and Administrative Affairs.

Dr Al-Jubouri, said that this meeting resulted in  signing of a scientific agreement between the two universities, setting up a scientific plan to improve performance of the faculties at the university and ensuring its performance , confirming that the colleges have an effective role in building society and providing it with distinguished scientific cadres ,referring to the support of scientific cooperation and  exchanging ofexperiences between the teaching staff, the used curricula and teaching methods, and discussing the arrangements for the success of twinning experiment and openness to universities.

It is noteworthy  to mention that Al-Iraqia University had signed a number of agreements earlier, including that with University of Salah al-Din – Erbil, and Ishik International University in Kurdistan region.

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