Continuing Education Center Continues Teaching Methods Course Exam


Center of Development and Continuing Education at Al- Iraqia University had examined applicants of teaching methods course electronically on 7/14/2020, through the (Classroom Program).

Prof. Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Jasim said, director of the center, said : “The course included, many lectures related to educational strategies, methods and methods, learning about levels of educational goals, successful teaching mechanisms and planning for it, in addition to achievement tests and their types, and keenness to provide these lectures electronically joined by numbers that exceed expectations and over the course of fourteen days. ”

Center’s training division official, Mr. Harith Abdullah Faddam, said that the center sought in this session to secure contact with all the participants in the course with the lecturers, and to raise all lectures electronically, providing them with information of the course, to ensure benefit from the lectures, and the success of this experience in light of the spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

It is indicated that the professors who gave the lectures were:

Prof. Hussain Alaiwi

Prof. Dr. Fouad Ali Farhan

Prof. Asst. Dr. Walid Qahtan

Prof. Asst. Dr. Jamil Al-Dhamin

Prof. Asst. Dr.  Mohsen Aboud Kashkool

Prof. Asst. Dr.  Ammar Mohammed Saleh

Lecturer: Muthanna Ibrahim Nea’maa

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