Al- Iraqia University Holds a Workshop on Impact of Life Stress on Individual


Under the auspices of University Rector, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri; Center for Research and Studies held a workshop entitled (Impact of Daily Stress and Stressed Behavioral Problems of Children and Strategies for Dealing with them)

The workshop aimed to identify the impact of daily life stresses and the severity of children’s behavioral problems, strategies for dealing with stresses on family adjustment ,it also included several axes of daily stress and its impact on the psychological side, where the lecture stated that these pressures and life events are stimuli or changes that occur in the internal or external environment, which have intensity and continuity so that they affects  the adaptive capacity of the individual, which can lead to the utmost degree to a disruption in human behavior Or its incompatibility with the surrounding environment or negative responses on psychological aspects, as well as the focus of types of comforting and adaptive families. Finally, the workshop recommended many tips and recommendations for a better life and a happy family.

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