Al- Iraqia University Organizes Fifth Scientific Conference for Graduation Researches


Under the patronage of the Rector of Al-Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Jubouri; College of Engineering at the Iraqi University held the fifth scientific conference for university research entitled “Our Scientific Product in Community Service” through Zoom Meeting application

The conference covered a presentation of a demonstration film for more than 76 projects in computer and network engineering, biomedical medicine, image processing, software coding, website building, governance, operating systems, maintenance, and industrial intelligence, as well as systems signals, optical communications, and optical signal processing. The conference aimed to encourage students of small projects, stimulate their creativity and excellence, organize graduation projects in research then publish them in international journals as  carrying  new scientific ideas and methods to raise the name of teaching staff, college and university.

The conference also recommended to support, encourage and transfer research projects with the applied side and implement them in the labor market and takes benefit  to use in building a partnership with the public and private sector in order to provide more job opportunities for graduates within the private work sector.

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