(Iraqi Press Coverage of Corona Epidemic) A workshop held in Al- Iraqia University


Center of Research and Studies at the University held an electronic workshop on (Iraqi press coverage of the Corona pandemic) through the FCC application. The workshop, which was attended by Dr. Bushra Hussein Al-Hamdani, included the definition of concept of Iraqi press coverage of the pandemic , stages of its formation and launch, and media tracks adopted by Iraqi media in covering the pandemic.

Dr. Al-Hamdani revealed political, economic and social impact of the epidemic, which cast a shadow over the media, through a variation in press coverage, she also shed light on young people’s own efforts, their application of modern technologies, and their impartiality of events.

The workshop recommended that the media should play its role in raising awareness of the epidemic, not intimidation or underestimation, managing crises and confronting them, and avoiding all methods of intimidation.


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