Officially, Al- Iraqia University Joins International Universities Federation


The Federation of International Universities announced the accession of Al- Iraqia University to the Federation after fulfills the provisions contained in the Federation’s executive regulations.

Dr. Dureid Yahya, director of the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations at the University, said that the accession came with attention and direct follow-up from the President of Al- Iraqia University, Professor Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein al-Jubouri, to activate this accession, pointed out, “Membership in the International Federation of Universities contributes to improving the university’s performance by enriching studies and research, developing curricula, as well as improving quality of education, and spreading culture and education on a wider scale.”

The joining of the University came to communicate with various universities, institutes, centers of studies, research, consulting, and what  coming  of educational activities and services, and to market them to spread knowledge, in addition to organizing conferences, seminars and scientific lectures.

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