Al- Iraqia University Issues (Idmodo Guide) for Students


Presidency of Al- Iraqia University has issued a guide for the use of  Admodo Platform for students, devoted to distance e-learning.

Assistant president of the university for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Khamis Awwad Zaidan, indicated that the Iraqi University issued this guide with the aim of giving a practical vision to our students about the technologies of this educational platform and the educational space that combines text, image and sound. Dr. Khamis indicated also that the aim of this guide came with many details that explain to the student in a simple way about the methods of using this platform, from subscription and log-in, and the techniques of sharing and downloading files, in a simple and adequate way to be an educational guide that makes it easier for our students to take electronic exams without error. Or confuse.

The Assistant Master stressed that this platform has brought together the Facebook platform and the Blackboard platform, to form an essential part in the integration of the e-learning stage in light of the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic, and to adapt to the current circumstance that the world in general and Iraq in particular.

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